The Pearl of the Soul of the World Discussion

Better late than never, in case anyone wants to discuss it, here's the post!
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So there is a new fic exchange for children's and YA books, and it's opening for nominations tomorrow:


A Kids' and YA Book Fic Exchange

I'm definitely going to be nominating (and offering) the Darkangel trilogy. Anybody with me?

A Gathering of Gargoyles Discussion Post

It's time to discuss A Gathering of Gargoyles! I still think this book has the best opening out of the three. How about you? Any new thoughts? Old thoughts you want to share?
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Fic: heart of my heart by HannaM

I figure there is never enough Darkangel fic written, so when I do come across something, I want to tell the world. HannaM gave me permission to post this here:

heart of my heart
(Irrylath/Aeriel, explicit, 1000 words)

The sex is really sweet, and I love the idea that their respective work and years apart have matured them into people whose choices aren't quite so all-or-nothing.
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The Darkangel Discussion

Little later than I wanted, but here's the discussion post for The Darkangel. Was it as you remembered it? Did you notice anything new? Favorite bits? Least favorite bits?

I still find those wraiths suspicious, even having read the whole series multiple times. And there's some kind of parallel between Eoduin and Irrylath I can never quite articulate.
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The Darkangel Re-Reading

Does the first week of May work for everyone to put up a discussion post of The Darkangel?

Also, anyone can feel free to post reaction posts/discussion topics pertaining to chapters of The Darkangel that catch their eye if something comes up before then, since I figure there's no point in having a spoiler policy. :)

Erin and Unfortunate Implications

Like most people who read Gathering of Gargoyles and Pearl of the Soul of the World, I loved Erin and her friendship with Aeriel. But when I got older, in retrospect some things started to seem a bit... off. I recalled Erin always being mistaken for Aeriel's servant even though they both used to be slaves, and Erin putting herself in a supplicating position rather than as an equal, which started to make me uncomfortable as someone born and raised in the US who was also reading a book written by an American with a shared history of characters with dark skin serving characters with light skin. And skin is something mentioned quite a lot in the series.

What do you think? Did the relationship read this way to you? Have you found fics that dealt with the problem, if you saw one?
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Sorry, this wouldn't leave me alone, so now I inflict it on you

Oh, give me a home
Where the icarus roams
And the gargoyles and Pendarlon hunt
Where each fortnight is heard
The cry of the Bird
And the skies do not rain all daymonth

Home, home in Terrain
Where the gargoyles and Pendarlon hunt
Where each fortnight is heard
The cry of the Bird
And the skies do not rain all daymonth

(I realize I have mixed up several geographical locations here. For that, and in general, I apologize.)


So, judging by a lot of recent posts on FFA, Irrylath is a pretty divisive character! What do you think? Colossal jerk? Misunderstood woobie? Redeemable jerk? Complex character who doesn't get enough page time?
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Introductions Post

Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments below!

Group Re-Reading?

Should we read a chapter a week, or two chapters a week?

In either case, I think the discussion post could go up Tuesday the 16th or Wednesday the 17th.

ETA: Alternatively! Everyone could sit down and read a book a month at their own pace, and we could have discussion posts on each volume the first week of May (for The Darkangel), June (for A Gathering of Gargoyles) and July (The Pearl of the Soul of the World).

ETA 2: So I think we'll go for the monthly plan, with the first discussion post being May 2nd, if that works for everyone? Discussion posts for characters/plot points can still go up anytime, though, and if anyone wants to put up posts for particular chapters that they want to discuss before that date, feel free!


I'm not really sure what to say, other than if anyone likes any of the icons I've made out of covers for the community, please feel free to take them! I'm your friendly neighborhood moderator, and I hope we're going to have a lot of fun here.