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Little later than I wanted, but here's the discussion post for The Darkangel. Was it as you remembered it? Did you notice anything new? Favorite bits? Least favorite bits?

I still find those wraiths suspicious, even having read the whole series multiple times. And there's some kind of parallel between Eoduin and Irrylath I can never quite articulate.

Date: 2013-05-06 10:11 am (UTC)
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Can we talk about magic vs. technology? Because the background of the series--low-tech-level people living in the ruins of a higher tech civilization, the terraformed moon, spaceships, genetic engineering, and so on--would seem to suggest that all the magic is really lost technology of the ancients, which the viewpoint characters are too primitive to understand. And there's clearly some of that going on, and I think the implication that that's all that's going on is there, deliberately or not--but it's also pretty clearly not the case.

Some of the magic in The Darkangel (more than in the other books, if I recall them correctly) is not only impossible to explain as technology, but is pretty far from being the sufficiently-systematic magic which is indistinguishable from technology and is a staple of genre fantasy books. I'm thinking specifically of Aeriel spinning her feelings about Irrylath's wives into thread (which is one of my favorite parts of the book) and also of the heart transplant at the end.

It hasn't got a genre-fantasy logic, it's got a fairy tale or dream logic, and the tension between that and "it's really science fiction!" is one of the really appealing things about The Darkangel (and the series as a whole) to me.

. . . I hope I've left room for anybody else's thoughts her 'cause I'd love to hear them.

Date: 2013-05-07 04:52 am (UTC)
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Oh, I like this idea. It makes the part where Talb is all, "no, you totally have to kill him" much more fraught?

I wonder if Talb and the Avarclon were buddies? It doesn't seem like they were that close from the way Talb talks but it's an intriguing idea.


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