Apr. 12th, 2013

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Like most people who read Gathering of Gargoyles and Pearl of the Soul of the World, I loved Erin and her friendship with Aeriel. But when I got older, in retrospect some things started to seem a bit... off. I recalled Erin always being mistaken for Aeriel's servant even though they both used to be slaves, and Erin putting herself in a supplicating position rather than as an equal, which started to make me uncomfortable as someone born and raised in the US who was also reading a book written by an American with a shared history of characters with dark skin serving characters with light skin. And skin is something mentioned quite a lot in the series.

What do you think? Did the relationship read this way to you? Have you found fics that dealt with the problem, if you saw one?
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Does the first week of May work for everyone to put up a discussion post of The Darkangel?

Also, anyone can feel free to post reaction posts/discussion topics pertaining to chapters of The Darkangel that catch their eye if something comes up before then, since I figure there's no point in having a spoiler policy. :)


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